Disabled Access

Disability may be physical disability or cognitive disability.

The Academy is committed to ensuring our facilities are as accessible as we can reasonably make them, for children and adults with a disability. We fully recognise our planning duties under the Disability Discrimination Act and the school is single storey.

The Academy will always seek to understand the needs of members of the school community with a disability, and pledges to do all it can to support those needs so all children can benefit from the services of the Academy and make a full contribution to its life.

We plan to increase access to education for pupils with a disability by:

  • Increasing the extent to which pupils with a disability can participate in the school curriculum
  • Increasing the inclusion of positive images of people with a disability across the curriculum
  • Improving the environment of the school to increase the extent to which pupils with a disability can take advantage of education and our other services
  • Improving the understanding of all pupils and staff about the barriers to learning and life challenges that people with a disability face, as well as a better understanding of the full contribution that people with a disability can make to all aspects of society

View our Accessibility Plan

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