Online Payment System

Welcome to our online payment system.  In order to use this facility, you will need to register for an account and link this with your child(ren).

In order to register for an account, you will need to use your mobile phone number. This MUST be the phone with the same number you have provided to the school as your contact number.

To link yourself with your child(ren) you will need their account details, please contact the school office if you do not know these.

When visiting the online shop for the first time, please click on the ‘Register’ button in the bottom left corner and follow the process to the end.

Please be aware that if you have two or more children in the school, you should only need to register once. The other children should automatically get linked to you based on the initial registration. If you find this does not happen, you may simply repeat the same registration process using the second child’s username and entering the account details that were created during the first registration. Do NOT create another new account, as all children will then not be visible at the same time.

If you work for a school and already have an wsgfl USO account (email account), please link your child(ren) to this account instead of creating a new one.

parentpay Click on the Pay+ image or visit to start using the system.
For details regarding charging for events and activities please see our School Charging Policy which can be found in our School Information section, Policies.

Paper copies of website information is available on request.

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