Headship Team

REAch2 South Central Regional Support Team

Office Staff

Site Team

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Nursery Staff – Conker Class (Full Time), Acorn Classes (Part Time), Nutmeg (2-3 Year Olds)


Willow Class

Blossom Class

Holly Class

Reception Support Staff

Year 1

Poplar Class

Birch Class

Hazel Class

Year 1 Support Staff

Year 2

Cedar Class

Rowan Class

Pine Class

Year 2 Support Staff

Year 3

Maple Class

Hawthorn Class

Aspen Class

Year 3 Support Staff

Year 4

Ash Class

Elm Class

Larch Class

Year 4 Support Staff

Year 5

Beech Class

Cherry Class

Sycamore Class

Year 5 Support Staff

Year 6

Chestnut Class

Elder Class

Oak Class

Year 6 Support Staff

Support staff who will work with children across the school in a range of capacities:

Midday Meals Supervisors

Sunshine Club (Breakfast and After School Club)

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