Photo Guidance

During your child’s life at White Meadows Primary Academy we will take photographs and/or videos of activities that involve your child. These may be used for moderation, displays, publications, by the Local Authority (LA) or by local newspapers or on our school web-site/social media eg Twitter. The school may take photographs, videos and webcam recordings of children for educational purposes. Images of your child are also used within the school management system for official records, identification, assessment and lesson activities. Images used in this way are not shared publically in any form. If an image of your child is used on our school website or school social network feeds, they are not identified by name without additional consent.

    When photography or filming is carried out:

  • Photography or filming will only take place with the permission of the Head of School and under appropriate supervision
  • If taken by the news media, children may be named but home addresses will never be given out
  • Photographers acting on behalf of the school may be used to take images
  • The images will not be associated with distressing or sensitive issues
  • No child will be photographed if they do not wish to be
  • If taken by parents/carers at school productions or events, we ask that it is not uploaded online. This includes social networking sites.

School Performances

School Performances can be a very special time for many parents or carers, and photographs and videos provide opportunities for these memories to be saved and enjoyed again, or shared with family members who were not able to attend. The latest government advice states that parents or carers recording images of their child at school performances does not breach the Data Protection Act and so the school will allow this to happen.

We understand however that there may be circumstance whereby parents or carers need to protect the identity or whereabouts of children in order to ensure their safety and would therefore not agree to allow their child to take part in a performance where their photograph may be taken. In this unfortunate situation, we would ask parents or carers to speak to their child’s class teacher before the children begin practising for a school performance, as they may wish to make the regrettable decision to withdraw their child from the performance.

Download Photograph Consent Form (PDF)

Paper copies of website information is available on request.

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